V Semana Internacional de Arqueologia

Discentes MAE-USP

A V International Week of Archeology - Discentes MAE / USP will take place in May 2017, formalizing assim dez years from its first edição. Counting a total number of 282 participants, or event juntou além de profissionais brasileiros, other internacionais from countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, the United States and the United Kingdom. It was also the first edition of the event that included the presence of indigenous people from the Federal University of the West of Pará.


A focus on incentivizing or dialogue and dissemination of work of postgraduate students and graduates, for the longest of the event, 20 communication sessions, four sessões de pôster, an audiovisual session, a gender forum and Archeology, as well as a photographic exposition entitled "Olhares trocados: uma visão on archaeological expeditions of brasileiros (as) not foreign and strangers (as) not Brazil". Through organization of four roundtables, foram ainda tackled topics such as archeology da paisagem, illegal trade in archaeological sites, archaeological heritage management and historical archeology. These activities will greatly enrich the direct interaction between the invited speakers and the public alike, stimulating critical debates and reflexions about the role of Archeology in a current society.

Comesso this encounter kept a privileged moment for all archaeologists trocarem experiências, discuss future perspectives and promote their areas of expertise. In an environment favorável ao dialogue between the more diverse profissionais da area, é a learning moment essential for all interested in learning more about Archeology and all its possibles possibilities.

     The “I Archaeology Week” - MAE/USP was organized by the post-graduate students from the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology – University of São Paulo to open a partnership between students and professionals of archaeology aiming to bring forth a debate debate about the possibilities of development within archaeology.

    Composed by lectures, panel discussions, oral communications and posters, the event intends to promote discussions about the application of theory and method in the analysis of archaeological materials, looking to integrate different approaches that encompass the multidisciplinary aspect of archaeology and thus promote an exchange between the many disciplines, bringing students and professionals of different areas together. Panel discussions with a broad range of themes were put together and classical and Amazonian archaeology were discussed simultaneously, so that the barriers between archaeologies were surpassed.

     In 2007, the idea of the event came to light in the meetings that occurred every last friday of the month at the museum, intending to bring students and its researches closer. After the presentations in these meetings, there was a need for a certificate to prove the activity, which would only be possible if it was an official event. Thus surged the idea to create the Archaeology Week, inspired by the Oceanography Week.

    In this first event there were students, researchers and professors from the entire country.

I Semana de Arqueologia

dos alunos da Pós-Graduação do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia - USP

     The “II Archaeology Week” MAE-USP occurred in April 2007  was the result of a project of two graduate students from the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of the University of São Paulo. The objective was to promote a greater interaction between students researchers and bring forward new debates and ideas. The event exceeded the expectations, bringing professors, students and researchers from many other institutions. In the end, the content of this week of presentations provided a supplement for the “Journal of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology”.

     Therefore, between May 30th and June 3rd 2011, this event brought once more to the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology the debate and exchange of research done by its students and students from other institutions. Through lectures, panel discussions, oral communications and posters, the participants can contribute with discussions, exchange of information and experiences about various themes in archaeology, ethnology and museology. It is a moment for students, researchers and professionals looking forward to promote and consolidate the area.

     With Brazilian and foreign guests from renowned institutions that will be present in lectures and panel discussions, the II Semana de Arqueologia will also have the “I International Audiovisual Exhibition in Archaeology” (MAIA) at the Cinusp, which aims to promote the audiovisual production in Brazilian archaeology. There also will be a photography exhibition allowing the participants to share a photo taken during fieldwork.

II Semana de Arqueologia

dos alunos da Pós-Graduação do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia - USP

Previous Editions

IV Semana Internacional de Arqueologia

Discentes MAE-USP

     The “III Archaeology Week -André Penin" continues the initiative begun by graduate students of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology - University of São Paulo, with the aim to create an event that will foster interaction and promote the research undertaken by MAE-USP student body.

    This event is guided by the goals set out by the first and the second archaeology weeks, which sought to promote the congregation of MAE-USP students and members of other institutions. The meeting has gradually grown and debates have widened with professionals from institutions throughout Brazil and abroad.

    This edition pays homage to the archaeologist André Penin, former student of this institution, engaged researcher and dear friend, whose work came to an abrupt and fatal end.

    We thereby invite students, researchers and professionals from the archaeology area to participate in the III Archaeology Week - André Penin", to be held between the 22nd and 26th of April 2013 at the University of São Paulo.

III Semana Internacional de Arqueologia "André Penin"

dos alunos da Pós-Graduação do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia - USP

     The IV International Week of Archaeology – Students MAE/USP invites its colleagues to join in debates about the paths of our profession, following a tradition established in 2007. Our intention is to promote a gathering where focus is mostly on students, undergrad and graduate alike, as it has been in previous editions of the event; opening space for sharing experiences and stimulating discussion. In 2015 our traditional Ostrich “takes the head out of its hole” and joins its companions to think in community about archaeological science, theory, practice and methods.

     It is undeniable that Brazilian archaeology has given a quantitative leap in the last ten years:  It has seen the increase of undergraduate courses and postgraduate programs as well as the number of governmental permits for research and excavations. This growth has lead archaeology to participate in scientific and social debates that go beyond the care for knowledge development. To walk alongside cultural resources management, indigenous rights, territorial claims, pedagogy, professional training, museum display, labor rights, etc., have stimulated critical thought on the role of archaeology in political and social affairs. Archaeologists are now constantly driven into the present and each day less confined to the past.

     The growing amount of archaeological work in Brazil has meant deeper understanding of prehistorical and historical contexts, technological innovations, greater research and work opportunities. At the same time to do archaeology in this complex optimistic scenario has been a challenge, since it brings us close to political disputes, university crisis, budget cuts, chauvinism, and other forms of oppression that lie latent in our daily lives.

    Considering these premises we proposed themes of debate that we believe are able to gather a diversity of research areas in archaeology, their undergraduate and graduate protagonists, as well as setting the spotlight on the contributions of archaeology to a world in social turmoil.  Inviting international investigators, with different epistemological views and research areas, is part of our effort to gather different experiences of archaeological practice and political engagement.

     In this edition we have the pleasure of participating as a joint event on the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the MAE/USP, and have dedicated part of our Photographic Exhibition to commemorate it. To know more about other activities celebrating the Anniversary of the Museum, access this link.

     And so, we propose a democratic and open event, in which we may hear and be heard! To all students, scholars, professors and workers, feel free to register and participate in another Week of Archaeology!

May 20-24, 2019. FFLCH/USP - Cidade Universitária - São Paulo - SP - Brazil